woensdag 7 februari 2018

2nd day at the European Parliament in Strasbourg

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The second day is on Tuesday 6 Februari 2018,
See the pictures/ video fragments on Google photo's

I wake up very early, check some documents i toke from the first day and see the MEP's list with emailadresses. I try to find out all Dutch speaking people and select them with a pen. After filling all email adresses in my emailbox on my laptop, i sent them a written mail about my situation and request a moment of 2 minutes for an interview.

3 people reacted, 1 is an opportunaty and appointment on Wednesday 11 o'clock
The others are an excuse not to make an appointment this week.
1 or 2 adresses i tried to sent i didn't write right, so i had to sent them again.

I TAKE THE TRAM TO THE PARLIAMENT. costs 3,30 Euro for 1 retour ticket.

In the morning i follow the
Together with the other Dutch journalist i meetup in the press center.
we visit a plenair meeting. I feel tired of not much sleep.

A short while we listen to a dialogue and see the votings.

After an hour i go my own way and later we meet again in the press room.
in the midday i walk around the building and film some more.
See the video.

At 16:00 i go to the SuperMarket .. see Facebook ,buy a vegetarian meail for in the microwave and some chips and later in another supermarket chocolat pancakes and orange juice so i can get my strenght back in my hotel room 211.

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