dinsdag 10 oktober 2017

EUIA PRESS at the EC EU meeting ESDE 2017

EUIA PRESS at the EC EU meeting ESDE 2017

Pension Policy - Aging populations as a complex panel discussion.

How can systems adapt? / Focus on the pension issue's first. Adequacy and Sustainability / Quality & Quantity.

Reform :Democraphic Changes / Balance at the debates / Member states and large budget deficites.

Session : Securing good living standards in retirement also in the future.

Review of Employment and Social Developments in Europe.

Integration Fairness and Solidarity. / Adequate income at a certain older age / 65+ pension & the ability to stay employed

Health, Caring duties, Age friendly labour market. Maintaining good health, Flexible Working Arrangements, Long term care situations.

- The way we measure stuff, - Context : Social Security Wealth / The floor of wellness expectations.

Conclusions :: Future generations have to become more productive and bear a double burden of ageing.

How to help the new generation the double burden of aging?
- Show that pension reforms can help  ...
Today's young people, have to accept much lower pensions then today's pensioners.
Future workers will have to bare this, it is inevitable.
Young workers, eU-28 / Employment will face it's limits.

Main transmission channels :
Labour market inclusion.

Manage everybody to work 1 year longer, can lower the pressure.

Activity rates, simple scenario's.
Working age popultion 20-64.
Labor market at full steel.

Female participation,

EU 2020, after the crisis, 1%  .. back on track.
A completely new situation for Europe..
Increasing employment.

Allowed for further activation?
Another 10 more years, sustainable growth.
Working age declining.

Being less ambitious in the future?
Todays perspectives?
Negative results?

Productivity growth, .. air to breath? / productivity has to take over.

EU will have to accelerate, Who are the future workers? Todays Youngsters.

Distributin of GDP?
Implications / Imagine EU as one big country.
65+ everyone receives 47% avg wage.
Contribution rate, 14% of that wage.
20-65 workers.
Index 2015 / calculation. Eurostat.
Contribution rate, double payment in the future? Netto / Bruto ?
Full reform. contribution rate 14%, somewhere in the middle.
Cutted to (say: 20% ) / contribution rate in year ...
Able to increase, keep the pension level in year ...
Most probable scenario.
higher CR inevitable, limit the increase!

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