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EUIA PRESS at the EWRC - 2nd day, My Region, My Europe, Our Future

EUIA PRESS at the EWRC - 2nd day, My Region, My Europe, Our Future

Expectations versus facts and results.

Also read EWRC daily update at : http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/regions-and-cities/2017/daily_report.cfm

Looking at the impact of cohesion policy. Direct impact and indirect impact.


- 8,5% of public investment ...

#Post2020 - Where to invest?

The presentation is about the 7th cohesion report,
after the sixt, it has changed a point of view on the Regions that do not move into the higher value added activities.
In terms of trends, they don't get a better position upwards and still find competition from less developed regions not benefiting from the possibilities in the EU for Region developments.

It is likely to remain negative about the net-migration, EU28, 1960-2015 facts,
Migration and mobility is main determinant of population change.

Two out of three people in EU-13 live in a shrinking NUTS 3 region.
Big shifts, pushed up unemployment rates.

Unemployment is still above pre-crisis level and regional disparities.
More investments needed to reach 2030 climate targets.
focus on 16% / to 20% 2020 and 30% by 2030.
Countries struggeling on 2020 target.
Collectively we should adress that.

Limited competition, Too many contracts for single bidders, Not always collusion, Low value for money.

It's a lot we are looking at, figures, results, levels of quality .. interest in the publication? see the online data / publicatons

Source data / Translation / Mobile phone app "My Region(s)"  easy access to a selection of ...

Statistical Atlas, Regions and Cities illustrated ... http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cache/RSI

ERWC 2017 - EUIA PRESS / Cohesion Policy at work, main achievements and next steps

at the #EUWRC - #EWRC 15th edition, the #cohesionreport is showing we need better information to make shure specification is possible on the reach of targets towards #2020 and #2030 on #ClimatChange and #MigrationLaw #Governmentmaps shown at the presentation by #LewisDijkstra - #GunterSchafer , #TeodoraBrandmuller #LamiaKamalChaoui #MichaelSchneider #AlexFersti - notes by #EUIAPRESS online journalist #StijnGabeler #GODOGOODInternational - https://sites.google.com/site/euiapress/ #pubicinvestments #EU and #EUlaw

EUIA PRESS at the EWRC - 2nd day, My Region, My Europe, Our Future http://euinternationalacademy.blogspot.com/2017/10/euia-press-at-ewrc-2nd-day-my-region-my.html #EUIAPRESS at the presentation of th e#EWRC - #7thcohesion - #interpretation #FR #DE #EN #IT #ES #PL - #EuropeanCommittee data - #EuropeanCommitteeOfTheRegions - Van Maerlant Building 2, Rue Van Maerlant, Brussels - #VM2Foyer 2nd floor, #GODOGOODInternational reporter : Stijn Gabeler / #DutchOnlineJournalist #OnlineJournalism

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