woensdag 11 oktober 2017

EWRC 2017 workshop Adressing youth unemployment community led solutions

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EUIA PRESS at the Youth Unemployment - setting the scene workshop
EWRC 2017 -
early 2018 targets, Implementation .. Erasmus + / National Agencies.
Quality label for organisations : charter of the European Solidarity Corps
Geographic scope: EU Member State : Participation of other countries on the basis of bilateral agreements
Budget: 341,5 million for 2018-2020.

Menno Bart - The Adecco Group - Glocal solutions - extensive solutions to help Youth and adress Youth unemployment.
Key elements are learning and work related situations, apply knowledge and bring back on the workplace
what is learned on school / Organising Work-based-learning - Global and National networks.
As many countries as possible by the ministry of eduction, employment and stakeholders interested to promote and create
concreteness in a posibility to find solutions and adress the unemployment issue.
What will be the budget of the European Solidarity Corps?
The European Commission proposes to set the overall budget available for the implementation of
the European Solidarity Corps at €341,500,000 in current prices, for the period from 1 January 2018
until 31 December 2020.
This is enshrined in the legal base and will guarantee a stable budget for this initiative for the next three years.
Costs for placements vary depending on their duration and the country where they take place, e.g. for a six months volunteering placement the EU will provide between €3400 and €6500.
Supporting young European farmers,...
Renewable energy and the internal energy market ..
Investing in Europe's youth and the European Solidarity Corps.
Territorial Vision 2050.

An EU Strategy.
EU Funds.
Anita Vella, EU DG Employment
Launched initiative. Possibilities for  Young People to start registering, Solidarity.
Online Portal.
Succes / Respons.
mainly European Voluntary Services (EVS)
nr of other programms,  Easy programm, Social Innovation. Budgets -
Target : up to 6000 cross-border placements in the next 24 months.
Budget: up to EUR 14,2 milion from Easl.
Facilitators: Two PES led consortia with lead applicants from IT and FR.

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